Friday, September 16, 2011

CHALLENGE- A Visit to the Archives

                        COME WITH ME FOR A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE.

I was challenged by the lovely Gybogi  from Hungary, to a game called "from what a beetle comes." It makes a fun translation lol  The challenge is to display my first layout.  I started out in scrapping 15, yep 15 years ago! Can't believe it really.  My first layouts are so funny to look back on. I'm sure my kids could do a better job.

Sadly I don't have access to them as they're in storage. So I did the next best thing and found some of my old layouts on line at one of the on-line shops where I used to be on the design team. Luckily I found these still in the gallery. They're all from about 5 years ago. I think there's still plenty of similaries to my style today. I'd love to know which one is your favourite.

                                                   So here we
The first two were layouts I did using my waxing technique. This first one I altered the pic before waxing. The technique is a bit rough on this one. The theme was to scrap a page about what your legacy would be when you're gone.
Journalling: They are my eyes to see
They are my voice to speak
They are my heart to love
They are the very best of me
They are my legacy.

I love this one of Jera throwing stones. I did it on a canvas. Love the wax effect on the water and rocks.

The theme for this one was "My Home"
My journalling reads: No bricks and mortar will ever hold my heart.
No material possessions will ever be my love.
Wherever my heart is that's my home.

This Christmas pic is 6 years ago. Lots of paper tole on this one. Such a cute pic.

This one was done as an introduction to the team.
Journalling reads: Who am I you may ask! But the answer is not so simple.
I'm many things to many people. A mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend.
I'm a Midife, a Teacher, Astrologer, a Scrapbooker, a humanitarian.
But my greatest achievement and deepest love is as a mother.
Simple really!

This one just because I love that beautiful face and those sweet curls. Got no idea what I was trying to do with the inking at her

OMG this was a family tree one. Showing my arty side, lol. I painted most of this. That pic is hilarious. That's me on the far left with my 3 bros and 2 sisters. 
Journalling says it all.
Like a bird perched out on a limb, I have always lived my life to the sound of a different tune... when the wore florals, I wore stripes.  (and a terrible spiral perm! OMG) 

This one is an album for a series of layouts with reality themes.

Last one I promise. This was to show I could do a white space lo. Love that pic.

So that's it for the trip down memory line.
Now I challenge you all my dear readers.
Please let me know so I can go and laugh right back at ya'. LOL
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hey, Jen, thank you for that awesome journey .....your style definitely changed :-). It was so much fun to see all the work you created back then and honestly I didn`t even laugh for a sec...well, except the last priceless photo :-)
    BTW, I`m blown away from your first`s so artistic and so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing these precious moments, my friend!
    Hugs & kisses

  2. Gosh, even in the beginning of your scrapbook journey you were amazingly talented! I loved seeing some of your first work:) Your style has changed for sure, but you can even see a bit of the artsy twist that you currently add to your pages on these layouts:)

  3. Love the artsy effect on the first two layouts. Your work has changed, but you can certainly see the talent all along. TFS

  4. hi.. well i didn't laugh once.. but was amazed at all your different styles and techniques.. but i did smile at the spiral perm comment.. oh the clothes we used to wear and the hair.. but then we didn't know any different.. that was the style and that was that.. the same as scrapbooking.. the things i used to do i shake my head at...but that was then, and i had limited supplies and no punches or cutting machines..i used lots of stickers and wrapping papers and hand cut my flowers etc.. so yes while it is good to walk down memory lane with our scrapping, it is good to be happy at our growth too.. these are great layouts.. i would be happy if they were mine!!xx

  5. All of these are just beautiful! A natural from the start!

  6. thanks for sharing!!!!!!!! I forgot to tell you you have to give sombody the beetle... :) so that she/he could go on with it...

    And I love this painted lOs!!!!!!!!! so artistic!and I love your daugthers smile!:)

  7. Such a fun post looking back in time! I love your album cover the most - that is really rocking!!