Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Another year gone! Where did it go!

I'd love to write some thoughtful prose on the matter of birthdays and being another year older but wiser. Something tasteful about aging and how it doesn't matter really. How as I get older I enjoy life more. But I'm at a loss for poignant words.

Truth is I dont want to get older. Stamping my feet!!!!!
I don't want more grey hairs silently scattering themselves through my dark hair, or laughter lines wrinkling my eyes. I dont want my waist to expand every time I look at a chocolate. Or realise some of my friends could be my daughter.

I know age shouldn't stop you from doing things but it does. I hate that I can't play tennis without getting puffed. That sitting cross legged on the floor too long makes my knees ache. That I need glasses to read and scrapbook, and that the strength of the glasses changes every year.
Age crept up on me when I wasnt looking. The person in the mirror, although familiar, really isn't me. I still think I should look somewhere around 30. That was such a nice age... and so long ago. Had to chuckle at this quote: If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself.

On a lighter note I really do love the one celebration day that reminds me how wonderful it that my kids make me feel ever so special.

I'd really like to have a recent layout to share with you on this auspicious occasion. LOL. But the truth is I've been a lazy scrapper lately. So I dug into my archives and guess what I found... ?  Yep that's me in an old lo complaining about getting old. I wrote the poem to go with the forlorn looking pic. LOL
Please excuse how dated this looks.

Had to laugh! Things never really do change eh?

My Journalling reads:

It was just yesterday we shared
Ideals of a future tomorrow.
In wanton chatter, we laughted,
Into the late night hours.
We played, we travelled, we dreamed.
We revelled in our ignorance
With unihibited abandon.
We believed we were invincible.

It was just yesterday, or so I thought
Now the lines are etched in crevices,
So perniciously they encircle tired eyes.
The strands of grey scatter implusively
Telling tales of reckoning age.
And the words, without assistance,
Blur upon the page.
I thought I was invincible.

It was just yesterday, I remember.
I looked into the mirror
And a stranger did I see staring,
Ever so curiously, right back at me.
Age like a thief came in
And stole away my youth.
Now I contemplate the dusk and
I know I AM not invincible.

TFL Jeni


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A New Day

It's a new day! There's something about a day that dawns with a shining sun that makes you feel happy.

Fancy a cuppa? Here's my lastest lo using Webster's Pages beautiful line Ladies and Gents. And it was featured here

A vine inspired by my dear friend Gabi Pollacco.

And this sweet one. I just love that wild crazy hair. Such a cute little bag. I cut it and filled it with flowers.

I wanted to post these, my last two layouts for My Creative Scrapbook. Sadly, I resigned my DT position there due to some domestic politics that I was unable to equate with my conscience.
I believe as people we need to show respect for one another and that only by nurturing each other through our words and actions do we truly care and support one another.
For someone special: Those who care don't believe the lies and those who believe the lies don't care, and don't matter.

Have a lovely day.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sheilas and Blokes

Oh isn't that the worse Australian expression to introduce my layouts created with the stunning Ladies and Gents line from Webster's Pages. I'm sure Brandin would be horrified. lol. Yep that's how some Aussie's refer to women and men!

I've got just two to introduce tonight and I'll keep my fav till tomorrow as I made one especially for Mother's Day. They were created for the May Main Kit at My Creative Scrapbook.

This one is of a sweet 6 year old Sienna.

And one for the gents. My beautiful boy, the collector of all things that he believes can be used, recycled or have a purpose... and his mother sees as junk. I dare not throw anything away.

Drop back in in the next few days and I have a tut on how to create this metal embellishment using aluminum foil.

Thanks so much for dropping by and a very Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's a Butterfly Garden

The gorgeous collection Butterfly Garden from Pink Paislee is featured this month at My Creative Scrapbook. What a pleasure it was to work with this gorgeous line.
Here's the layouts that I had so much fun creating.

My fav lo is this one- Us.  Such a sweet pic of my two chatting together.

 This nest one Garden Girl is heavily altered by a coat of beeswax. I just love playing to add texture to my pages. It has such a cool textured feel IRL.
I toned the colours down a bit so you can see the wax in more detail.

For this one I of my dd having fun jumping over the garden sprinkler, I cut out the bircage to give it a 3d look. Yikes that's a lot of fine cutting but I love the way it looks.

And there's more lol. A card for my MIL for Mother's Day. Those little ribbon flowers are so easy to make. Let me know if anyone wants details.

I can't finish this post with out saying how much of a loss to My Creative Scrapbooking is Gabi Pollacco. She is one of the loveliest scrappers in the business, such a talent and a dear friend. She gave so much to MCS over the three years she was there. It's so sad she felt she had to go.

I'll post my layouts tomorrow with the stunning Ladies and Gents collection from Webster's Pages in the Main Kit.
Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your comments.