Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a PERFECT Day... OUAS

How do you begin to describe a perfect day let alone scrap it? I really had to think about this one.

I think there are perfect moments that you want to hold to so tightly they take your breath away.
Like the first moment you catch a glimpse of that screaming, precious face thrust into your arms, or that time you feel your heart jump a beat in love ...but a whole day?

Here's the lastest sketch over at Once Upon a Sketch from the lovely Nadia. We'd love to see you join in the challenge. Some fabulous prizes to be won too.
                                               AUGUST 1st CHALLENGE

Journalling Criteria: Finish this line "A PERFECT DAY IS....." . Your journalling has to be at least 2 lines long, and with the theme of a whatever a perfect day for you is or a perfect day that you have had already e.g. a birthday, a holiday, a childhood memory, a wedding day, graduation day etc. Your journalling can be ANY type : handwritten, typed, etc...

You MUST combine our journalling criteria with this sketch...

...and my take on it

That's when I thought hmmm... isn't it all THOSE moments that make up the perfect day.

Journalling: How do you capture a perfect day?

                                                It's the feel of the warm sun against your face.
                                                The sound of a child's laughter ringing in the air.
                                              The taste of hot baked bread fresh from the oven
                                        The soft, sweet smell of a new born baby sleeping in your arms.
                                           The sight of a glowing, red sunset, lighting the night sky.
                                                              And knowing
                                                                       you are

It's a bit bright and in your face with colour. lol.
 I just love this pic of Sienna. It was a cool day. She's a funny bird, she always dresses like it's summer even in winter, lol.
The sun came out from behind the clouds and was warming her face. So she started dancing.
So beautiful, so spontaneous, so joyful... ahhhh to be a child again.

And some close ups.

The fence is from Flourish with a Bling . I cut it up and added it in two sections on either side of my page. I used a black marker to out line the stitching on it.

A funny story about that black netting. I went out to dh's shed. Not something I do often for fear I'll never come back. On the floor was a huge roll of lightweight mesh. I figured he wouldn't miss just a

I do love birds and use them often on my los... and my blog lol.

The blooms are all handmade. Some are mine and some from a dear friend Pauline.

Ok so some of you asked for details on the background. Here it is before I started adding all the extras.
It was an old Fancy Pants pp that I had in my stash. Using a pp that has a distinctive patterns makes a great backdrop when you add paint, textured paint, gesso and other mediums. 
I added some masking with mists over the paintwork.

Next time I promise I'll show it in steps.

Thanks again as always for coming to visit and your kind thoughts.
I try and visit you too but I'm having some computer problems. It's called children playing on websites that pick up too much spam.
Have a lovely week.