Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MHC - A Floral Video and PRIZE!!!

  Yes I'm back again with another video! A quick tut on creating your own floral vine.
I've cut and pasted my blog post from Manor Hosue Creations blog here show you a unique way to add Manor House flowers to your layouts by creating your own beautiful, handcrafted floral vines. You'll be surprised at how easy they are to make and what a gorgeous embellishment they are for your pages. 
Following is a list of the supplies you'll need.

Manor House Creations flowers and leaves- 3 Whimsy flowers (from the Winter 2012 Collection), 3 large leaves, 2 small leaves.
Other: Florist wire - fine, Florist tape, adhesive.
Tools: Small pliers, wooden stick or tool for shaping wire.
Here's the fabulous vine you'll create.

These lovely Whimsy flowers from the new Winter collection make a stunning vine. You can easily divide them to make smaller flowers and buds.
I've used  just three Whimsy flowers, with three large leaves and two small.

Creating a flower bud.
Here I removed the outer layers of the Whimsy flower, using the base layer of petals to create this smaller budding flower.

Manor House Creations Products:  Whimsy- cream, leaves large and small.

Gather your supplies and come and create your own Manor House Creations vine with me.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my video.
I have to thank my good friend Gabi Pollacco for the inspiration behind the vine. I saw one she created a while back and Manor House Flowers are the perfect blooms to use.

I'd love to hear how you go with creating your own Manor House Creations floral vine.


If you create your own vine using Manor House flowers and add it to your layout, then you can be in the running for a fabulous prize pack from Manor House Creations flowers from their new Winter Collection.
Competition closes Friday 17th Aug, Aus EST.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


What's been happening in your life? Couldn't think of another title for my post on this late Sunday arvo.
Tell me something interesting that you've been up to. I'd love to hear.

Here's a new layout I created for Manor House Creations to show off their new Winter 2012 collection.
"Paris Dreaming"

 Well I've mentioned before how I'm always fiddling around with my los even after they're finished. Here's the final one. I started with a b/w pic but I think I deleted the colour too much and then just abandoned the whole b/w idea and put the colour back in.

These new flowers really are the most beautiful collection I've seen. I love all the gorgeous textures.

 Here's the soft pretty Rosettes.

My girl just before the braces went on.

Love these gorgeous bling corners from Flourish With a Bling.
They have a fabulous range of bling embellies.
And a cute card for my sis who's been having a very hard time but is off on a holiday today.

 Hopefully she felt in the holiday spirit after getting this.

I used the Rosettes again but cut them up for the water. Those cute Beach huts and vine are also from Flourish With a Bling.


It's the middle of the month so that's time again for a new reveal at OUAS. Pop on over here to see some amazing work from the rest new design team. They're such talented scrappers.
And the added bonus is the fabulous prizes to be won.

Thanks for popping in and wishing you a wonderful week,
Oh almost I am. My son took this pic today. I'm so not an in front of the camera person but I decided it was time to look my age. lol. Hmm gee who wants to guess what it is? LOL. Only hint I'll give is I was an "old" mum. I desperately need a new do too.
Thanks to my dear friend Gabi for softening my edges. lol

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The New OUAS

Today's the first reveal for the new team at Once Upon a Sketch
Once again Nadia has brought together a team of amazingly talented and diverse scrappers who are so inspiring.
Here's this month's fabulous sketch with the...

Theme: Friend

We would like you to create a layout and interpret the theme "Friend" however you like based on the following sketch. You can journal as little or as much as you like, but your layout must incorporate this theme and the sketch below. 
**Please make sure that we see some sort of journalling on your layouts and please tell us where your journalling is. Hidden journalling is perfectly fine**

Ideas for journalling: one of your current friends, a childhood friend, an unexpected friendship,what having friends mean for you, a friend that you miss or have lost, family member who is your closest friend, a scrappy/online  friend,  a special person that has touched your life, someone who has helped you out lately, a friend that you couldn't do without, your children's friends / classmates etc.

And my take...

My two have always been the best of friends. Maybe it's a little of the twin thing, maybe it's just that they only have each other, or maybe it's just that Jera is a very tolerant brother. lol  Sure they have their moments but they would do anything for each other. Journalling: On the back I have a pocket telling some of the stories of their friendship through the years.
I created this one on a canvas and tomorrow I'll do a post showing lots of pics about how to...
I love the way it turned out. It's now up on my scrap room wall.

As always we have some incredible support from the scrapping community with great sponsors and wonderful prizes.

We have 2 new featured sponsors this month. 

The first one is a gorgeous etsy shop by one of our newest Design Team member's Kay Fatula. Please welcome to Once Upon A...Sketch Kay's Kreative Korner. 

Direct link to shop:

The second new sponsor for July is a new online store called Scrap Locker

Scrap Locker is a brand new online scrapbooking store with a huge variety of products from many favorite manufacturers including Tim Holts, Prima Marketing, Zva Creative and many more. Scrap Locker also has many handmade items. Some of the handmade items include crochet flowers, bead sprays and albums. Scrap Locker ships to many international locations. Scrap Locker also has a gallery and would love for you to fill out a gallery inclusion form and share your crafty inspiration with fellow scrapbookers. Check us out today at

Thought I'd add another couple of recent layouts.

First up is "Follow Your Heart." It's one of Sienna sitting contemplating what to do. That's not flash flare on the grasses. It was the sun just poking through the clouds in that spot, resulting in squinted eyes. lol
These Pink Paislee pp are so lovely, especially with some Manor House blooms and Flourish With A Bling vine and a beautiful Imaginarium Designs birdcage.

I always have to add just a little depth to the flowers. Here I've chalked the centres, touched up with paint and finished off with stickles.

This gorgeous vine was perfect with this lo.

Some splashes of paint and rubons. I love the layers.

To contrast the Spring above is a blue and white themed, winter one.
This pic was published in Canadian Scrapbooker. Sienna's favourite pastime/sport is ice skating. In the Canadian winter you'll often see outdoor rinks. This was an ice path through the snow in the nearby mountains. That's our dog Buddy leading the way.

  A funny story about the frame. It looks great with the pic but I had to manipulate the photo a little to fit. If I enlarged to fit the frame width then my dh and dd where to big. So I had to resort to cutting the pic into pieces and pasting it to the back of the frame. If you look in the left top corner with our dog, the snow is a little out of alignment but overall it was a pretty good match up. Don't you think? The things we scrappers have to do.
  Love this deep blue scroll from Flourish With a Bling.
  Meringue is the name of this gorgeous bloom from Manor House sprayed with a little mist in the centre.
Lots of wintery flowers and snowy Prima birdhouse.

Well that's it. Hope you're all having a great weekend. Thanks for your lovely comments. I really do appreciate you dropping by.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

OUAS Farewell

Sniff! Today's lastest display over at OUAS is the last for this amazing team. It truly has been an honour to create with such a wonderful group of scrappers who developed a close friendship and supported each other over the last year or so. I've been so fortunate to be a part of it all.
A huge THANK YOU to Nadia for all her encouragment and leadership, kindness and talent.

It's been a wonderful journey.  Please drop over to Once Upon a Sketch to see the last designs from some of the most talented scrappers around the world.
I want to wish all the team much scrappy happiness in their future ventures.

Can't go without showing something, now can I? lol
Here's a recent one I did for Flourish with a Bling and Manor House Creations. Nothing like bling and flowers to make a scrapper happy.
Have a wonderful weekend,

  Beautiful Manor House flowers - a mix.
They've got their new collection coming out in a few days, they're truly stunning.

 My sweet girl when she was 4.

Love this bling- Copper pearls and Jasmine Flourish- purple.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Challenge - OUAS Birthdays

         It's a new month and that means it's a new challenge at Once Upon a Sketch http://onceuponasketchblog.blogspot/.

The theme of this challenge is BIRTHDAYS

We would like you to create a layout and interpret the theme "BIRTHDAYS" however you like based on the following sketch. You can journal as little or as much as you like, but your layout must incorporate this theme and the sketch below. Please make sure that we see some sort of journalling on your layouts and please tell us where your journalling is . Hidden journalling is perfectly fine. 

Ideas for Journalling:most memorable birthday celebration for you or anyone in your family, the last birthday you celebrated and tell us your thoughts on turning this age, your child's/other family member's birthday and your thoughts on their age, a birthday that was a turning point in your life and your excitement/fears or other thoughts you had, an upcoming birthday for you or anyone and your thoughts, the best birthday present you ever received/gave and why?. You can also base your layout on a non - person birthday. This means your birthday theme can be based on : a pet, a business venture, a milestone anniversary etc etc. Its up to you how you interpret "BIRTHDAYS

Here's mine in celebration of mine!
It's really a reflective layout. Hence the not so flattering, thoughtful pic. And no I am waaaay past 26. That's my date, May 26, lol. My birthday was just last week! I'm not even sure I remember 26. Ha! I still have to get back to all those of you who sent me the loveliest messages on F/B and e-mail. Just so kind.

So what's this lo all about. Aren't birthdays about celebrating? Here's what my journalling says...

"I don't know when it all began, this feeling that a date and day define you. But at some point I stopped recording the year I was born. Maybe it was just that time finally caught up with my body and I started to look my age. Maybe it's just that other people always seem to need to put you in a category when they know your age. MAYBE I just like the elusive idea of it all. This year just a week ago, I turned 107 according to my facebook page. Birthdays are always special to me, all 107 of them!"

Thanks to Imaginarium Designs they have been such amazing DT sponsors. Chippie oval frame is from ID.

Some Manor House flowers with lots of misting.

 Some bling and flourishes from Flourish with a Bling

Lots of mists and paints and sloshing around. All the stuff I love to


This is the last layout challenge for the team at OUAS. It's been such a wonderful team to work and play with. I'm so going to miss all the girls on the team.

We'd love to have you join in our challenge and lots of fabulous prizes to be won too.
Have a great day and weekend,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time for a Catch Up

It seems there's always the last thing to catch up on, then something new comes along.

Flourish with a Bling

First up is my new design team. Flourish with a Bling have their first official design team. I've been lucky enough to have been working with their products for a while now, and am so pleased to be a part of their 2012 team. Flourish with a Bling was started by three lovely ladies from Aus who are friends, Maggie, Kate and Lucy.
Check out their products here.

I've used their Lee's tree and part of a Chloe pearl flourish on this fairly clean layout for me that I did recently.

  Love the pop of the glow on the tree. A very toothy smile from my girl just before she got her braces.

  A gorgeous mix of Manor House blooms. You can never have too many



Next is the sad news that the Once Upon a Sketch team is moving on. We celebrated our 1 yr anniversary and as of July there will be a whole bunch of new talent to inspire us.
You'll find the call for new team members here. http://onceuponasketchblog.blogspot/.
I know Nadia has been totally overwhelmed and humbled by the incredible response.

There's also the latest posting for the amazing work from the girls in the current team.
Come and join us in creating a layout about the theme for May, "Mum."


Manor House and Flying Unicorn

Here's another project I've been working on for quite some time. It's a framed piece using the technique of paper tole. I used to do heaps of paper toling way back before my serious scrapbooking days.
This was a gift for Mother's Day for my M-I-L, who just adores hummingbirds.
It was also for Manor House Creations, using their beautiful flowers to embellish the project and for the week three challenge over at who combined with Manor House in celebrating May, the month of flowers.

A close up to show the layers and layers and the final coating.

These really are the prettiest blooms from Manor House. I just adore the fabric and textures.

  This little fella took soooo much work. Using a small pair of scissors, you spend hours "feathering" the body to give it a more realistic look.
I was pretty happy with the outcome and my M-I-L loves it, so it was well worth the time.

Here it is again all framed up.

Well that was  a long post! Hope you're having a great week, whatever you are up to.
That's my blog catch up, now I have to catch up on all my dear friend's blogs.