Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time for a Catch Up

It seems there's always the last thing to catch up on, then something new comes along.

Flourish with a Bling

First up is my new design team. Flourish with a Bling have their first official design team. I've been lucky enough to have been working with their products for a while now, and am so pleased to be a part of their 2012 team. Flourish with a Bling was started by three lovely ladies from Aus who are friends, Maggie, Kate and Lucy.
Check out their products here. http://www.flourishwithabling.com.au/store/

I've used their Lee's tree and part of a Chloe pearl flourish on this fairly clean layout for me that I did recently.

  Love the pop of the glow on the tree. A very toothy smile from my girl just before she got her braces.

  A gorgeous mix of Manor House blooms. You can never have too many flowers.lol



Next is the sad news that the Once Upon a Sketch team is moving on. We celebrated our 1 yr anniversary and as of July there will be a whole bunch of new talent to inspire us.
You'll find the call for new team members here. http://onceuponasketchblog.blogspot/.
I know Nadia has been totally overwhelmed and humbled by the incredible response.

There's also the latest posting for the amazing work from the girls in the current team.
Come and join us in creating a layout about the theme for May, "Mum."


Manor House and Flying Unicorn

Here's another project I've been working on for quite some time. It's a framed piece using the technique of paper tole. I used to do heaps of paper toling way back before my serious scrapbooking days.
This was a gift for Mother's Day for my M-I-L, who just adores hummingbirds.
It was also for Manor House Creations, using their beautiful flowers to embellish the project and for the week three challenge over at http://flyingunicornforums.com/ who combined with Manor House in celebrating May, the month of flowers.

A close up to show the layers and layers and the final coating.

These really are the prettiest blooms from Manor House. I just adore the fabric and textures.

  This little fella took soooo much work. Using a small pair of scissors, you spend hours "feathering" the body to give it a more realistic look.
I was pretty happy with the outcome and my M-I-L loves it, so it was well worth the time.

Here it is again all framed up.

Well that was  a long post! Hope you're having a great week, whatever you are up to.
That's my blog catch up, now I have to catch up on all my dear friend's blogs.


  1. Oh, Jeni! You are incredibly gifted! I've never seen anything so beautiful as the gift you made for your MIL! Everything you do is beautiful but this leaves me speechless. I think I just want to stare at it for awhile longer.

  2. OMG Jeni! That paper tole creation is just stunning. The amount of detail is just insane! You have one very lucky M-I-L! xox

  3. Your gift to your MIL is so beautiful. I cant even imagine the amount of time that would have taken.....but it was well worth it. Your layout is very beautiful as well, love that tree as its something really different from the normal!

  4. awsome!!! I love it! soooooooo beautiful!

  5. Hi Jen, yes the days are flying by... I love these creations, and I love FWAB products too, and manor house flowers are divine... so when you put these together, you get your wonderful creations.. the hummingbird frame is stunning.. really eye catching and so beautiful...Have a great week!

  6. Oh my gosh, what gorgeous projects. I can't imagine the time and attention to detail that went into that heartfelt gift for your MIL! She must have been touched beyond measure!!
    I also love the layout you created for that sweet photo of your lovely girl. That tree is so clever. And did I mention how much I adore those blooms that you get to play with!! *envious*..lol!

  7. OH WOW Jeni! I cannot believe your papertole! ....and I've only just learnt in recent months what it actually is lol It is absolutely divine, and what an amazing present for your MIL...So much heart and soul would've gone in to completing this, I bet she was amazed :-) ...the hummingbird in particular...wow it looks so real ..as if they really were feathers! Well done on such an amazing work of art XX

  8. AMAZING gift to your MIL, she must have been totally blown away getting it! my goodness all the work you've put into creating it, those feathers are glorious! and the florals my goodness! never heard of paper toling, have to Google it. Looks spectacular!
    Your page looks wonderful too, love the bling to the tree and how you've created the foliage. You really are such an amazing scrapper Jen! xoxox

  9. Wow, amazing!!! thanks for stopping by my blog.