Sunday, July 15, 2012


What's been happening in your life? Couldn't think of another title for my post on this late Sunday arvo.
Tell me something interesting that you've been up to. I'd love to hear.

Here's a new layout I created for Manor House Creations to show off their new Winter 2012 collection.
"Paris Dreaming"

 Well I've mentioned before how I'm always fiddling around with my los even after they're finished. Here's the final one. I started with a b/w pic but I think I deleted the colour too much and then just abandoned the whole b/w idea and put the colour back in.

These new flowers really are the most beautiful collection I've seen. I love all the gorgeous textures.

 Here's the soft pretty Rosettes.

My girl just before the braces went on.

Love these gorgeous bling corners from Flourish With a Bling.
They have a fabulous range of bling embellies.
And a cute card for my sis who's been having a very hard time but is off on a holiday today.

 Hopefully she felt in the holiday spirit after getting this.

I used the Rosettes again but cut them up for the water. Those cute Beach huts and vine are also from Flourish With a Bling.


It's the middle of the month so that's time again for a new reveal at OUAS. Pop on over here to see some amazing work from the rest new design team. They're such talented scrappers.
And the added bonus is the fabulous prizes to be won.

Thanks for popping in and wishing you a wonderful week,
Oh almost I am. My son took this pic today. I'm so not an in front of the camera person but I decided it was time to look my age. lol. Hmm gee who wants to guess what it is? LOL. Only hint I'll give is I was an "old" mum. I desperately need a new do too.
Thanks to my dear friend Gabi for softening my edges. lol


  1. Hi There, just coming by to see what you have been up to!!! I really love the layout, and I think the color photo really lifts the colors in those gorgeous flowers.. I got some MH flowers at the show in brissy in June... and they are so beautiful.. I hope the card cheered up your sister, I know it would cheer me up!! it looks lovely.. and I am terrible at guessing ages... I just had my 50th in January, so are you near that?? I am not one to get in front of the camera either, but I figure there needs to be a bit of a record of my existence!!hehe!! Well I hope your day is sunny and happy.. It is lovely outside here today after days of grey last week!! xx Lizzy

  2. Wow, your layout is truly stunning! It looks so elegant and your arrangement of the flowers and bling is simply perfect. I also like the one with the colour photo best! Your card looks simply fab too. You are a master in combining a variety of ranges!
    Love that photo of you BTW! I'd guess you're 26;)

  3. Jeni the layout is gorgeous and the card simply says a lot for your sister. If you say you were an old mum and I'm thinking the kids are about ten - twelve years old then my guess is 42. I hope I'm not being insulting because I don't believe you look anywhere near that. xxx

  4. Gorgeous layout and card! The photos of both you and your daughter are beautiful! I was an older mom, too. I'd guess your age to be around 38.

  5. My goodness what a beautiful woman you are Jen! and "older" can be any age depending on which country you live in. The average age for having babies in Sweden is actually 35!! so you must have been but a snippet of a girl when you had yours! The colour photo really makes the gorgeous flowers pop and fizz wonderfully! You really have a very special knack for making all of yourp ages stand out anywhere. The card is such a pretty one too, hope you're sister is having/had a wonderful time off. xoxox

  6. You are beautiful, Jen. :) Your layout is lovely too. Xx

  7. I just adore your card with that beautiful purple trim