Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day -A Special Post

Mother's Day is such a special day to celebrate. This weekend in Aus we celebrate the unique bond we have with all women, whether you're a mother, a grandmother, a soon to be mum/mom or someone who has a loving female energy in your life. It's a time to remember and be grateful for all mothers, including Mother Earth too.

I don't often share personal details on my blog but I decided to tell a little of my story through some photos and my journey into motherhood. I've added some of my favourite Brian Andreas quotes (in italics) too. Many of pics were taken way back when, in the pre-historic days of analogue film cameras, please excuse the quality. Grab a coffee or tea, it's a long post.

It all began way back in the dim dark ages.
I'm the chubby, curly haired one. My sister Anne is 15 months older.

If only she knew then what I know now.

With my childhood friends.

"Is willing to accept that she creates her own reality except for some of the parts where she can't help but wonder what the hell she was thinking"

Grateful for meeting this man. This was my first home and one day he came to stay and never left.
"When I first met him, I knew in a moment I would have to spend the next few days re-arranging my mind so they'd be room for him to stay"

Those eyebrows and earrings. What was I thinking! We loved and travelled and worked in the outback together.
"He loved her for everything she was and she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time"
I am thankful for the years of his love.

For many years we hoped, we tried many treatments, many painful procedures, many sad losses, and when the timing was right (Jera, a Rune stone and our son's name) we were blessed.

"For such a long time there were only your footprints and laughter in our dreams and even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever"

OMGoodness I still had 5 weeks to go after this pic. By then I could barely walk. Photo was taken in Fanny Bay, Dawin.
"It feels like some kind of ride but it's turning out to be life going absolutely perfectly"
Then very early one morning I became a MUM to these two precious little souls. Jera likes to say, Sienna was born when the Titanic lights went out and he was born two minutes later when it sank. What a claim to fame!

"She/he laid on my chest and her/his breathing filled me almost to beyond what I could hold"

 Here they are about a week old. He was so gentle and calm (check out the expression on his face) and she was a screamer. Nothing's changed. lol Well just their size.
Those early days were such a blurr. It was so hard at first. He had terrible colic. He cried after every feed and it woke him from his sleep. Dh spent hours with him sitting perched over his shoulder. It was the only way our little boy was pain free. She was very demanding, it had to be mum and only mum. If anyone else picked her up she screamed. She was never more than arms length away.
Oh this pic makes me smile looking back now.

"Anyone can slay a dragon... but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That's what makes a real hero"
Especially without sleep.
Going to the shops was a big ordeal. Two of everything. How on earth did Octomom do it!

But we had fun too, in our pool. Everyone has a pool in Darwin. It's an essential like having a heater to the rest of the world.
I loved to watch them play and grow together.

"Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life"

Who says fraternal twins don't have a connection? They would make us laugh, every time one rolled the one automatically did too.

"I sometimes wake in the early morning and listen to the soft breathing of my child (ren) and I think to myself, this is one thing I will never regret and I carry that quiet with me all day long"

I am thankful for her. It was this beautiful loving girl who made me a mum. Love her sooo much.

"Most people don't know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable and fall asleep and miss your life"

I am thankful for him. I am this generous hearted little boy's first love. I just adore him sooo much.

"There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, I said to my son, though some days I'm louder about other stuff so it's easy to miss that"

I am grateful to her, for her support and years of love. My mum, mother to six. 
"I didn't listen to her because she was my mother and wouldn't know anything until I was much older"

I remember her. My adored Grandma who inspired me to create and whom I miss every day.

"I was waiting for the longest time she said. I thought you forgot.
It is hard to forget, I said, when there is such an empty space when you are gone"


And for the little ones who I held for such a short while.
 "I held her close for only a short while, but after she was gone, I'd see her smile on the face of a perfect stranger and I knew she would be there with me all the rest of my days"

I am the mum I am today because of all of them.   
"There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter and noise"


I can't leave without posting something scrappy. And even a quote for that too.
"I think my life would be easier, she said,
if only I could get my selves (shelves) to agree on something" Hee hee!

Here's a card I did for my mum with gorgeous Manor House blooms, Pink Paislee pp, and some
Flourish with a Bling.
I love the easel cards. So easy to create.
"The most important thing you leave behind is the stuff that turns into treasures when children find it"
Happy Scrapping.

Wishing you all Happy Mother's Day. And to all those still hoping, never give up!


  1. Oh Jeni, what a great walk down memory lane! Thank you for sharing yourself and your beautiful family with us! Your children are beautiful and what a handsome hubby!!!!! Your card is just yummy, love the gorgeous colors! Absolutely gorgeous work my friend!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing these precious pics and your timeline. So nice to get an insight into your life :) How precious are the baby , warm my heart each one of them. We are lucky arent we? We are..

  3. Thanks so much for sharing such a special part of your life with us and all those precious photos:-) Loved seeing pics of your gorgeous twins as babies too as I am now used to seeing them in photos all grown up:-) Gorgeous Mothers Day card Jeni, and thanks so much for including FWAB :-) XX

  4. Thanks for the beautiful story, I've only just realised after reading this that the children were twins. I've followed you through magazines up until I created my blog and now I can see all of your pages and read your beautiful words.

  5. Jeni, Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and story. You got me through some emotions, whilst reading. I also love that gorgeous Mothersday card. I hope you have a great one!!!

  6. I just loved seeing these precious photos and reading the story of your life! The love for your children, your mom and your grandma just shines through this blogpost! Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day! Your mother will be thrilled to receive such a beautiful card:)

  7. Oh I have tears in my eyes Jen, thank you for sharing such beautiful and personal moments with us on your blog... the photos are so precious and the memories are priceless.... Having babies was not easy for me, but I did carry 3 precious ones, and then when my heart yearned for another, we went through 8 years of pushing and answering questions and waiting and hoping and praying and screaming and more praying until the powers that be allocated us with a beautiful little girl who calls me mummy now.. so Mothers day is always special to me, and I always shed more tears on that day, some very private tears for a lady whose resemblance I see each day but who I have not met..the mother of my youngest daughter... So I know you will have a wonderful Mothers day, and like me you will enjoy each minute for the privilege it is.. Happy Mothers Day to you too... and the card you have made is so beautiful.. made with lots of love!!xx

  8. Fabulous post, Jeni! Love the photos. The card is beautiful. I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day. We celebrate it here next weekend.

  9. Thanks Jeni for sharing your story. I loved seeing the pictures and getting to know some more about you. Your photos are so precious. Thanks so much for inviting us in!! Happy Mothers Day to you!

  10. Just beautiful Jeni. I loved looking at your pics (and I have almost identical pics of my twins) and your story. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Oh Jeni, I'm feeling teary eyed and nostalgic all at the same time!! This is such a sweet sweet blog piece. You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out and it was beautiful to get a little glimpse into your life! Brought me back to those days when my girls were born, so exciting and scarey at the same time. Thanks for sharing this hon! xx

  12. *sigh* what a wonderful wonderful blog post Jen, had to read it again and shed some tears. As Gabi says, you really are such a beautiful woman, insde and out. Thank you so much for sharing all this! Much much love mwah!