Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A New Day

It's a new day! There's something about a day that dawns with a shining sun that makes you feel happy.

Fancy a cuppa? Here's my lastest lo using Webster's Pages beautiful line Ladies and Gents. And it was featured here http://websterspages.ning.com/photo

A vine inspired by my dear friend Gabi Pollacco. http://gabriellepollacco.blogspot.com/

And this sweet one. I just love that wild crazy hair. Such a cute little bag. I cut it and filled it with flowers.

I wanted to post these, my last two layouts for My Creative Scrapbook. Sadly, I resigned my DT position there due to some domestic politics that I was unable to equate with my conscience.
I believe as people we need to show respect for one another and that only by nurturing each other through our words and actions do we truly care and support one another.
For someone special: Those who care don't believe the lies and those who believe the lies don't care, and don't matter.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Jeni, these are gorgeous projects, it is a loss for MCS for sure. You do beautiful work, and your last words really hit home! They are so true, and if only everyone could live by those words!!!! You are a wonderful person and I'm sure there will only be bigger and better things to come for you in the future!!!

  2. Jen, your layouts are as always so inspiring!
    I just don`t want to see you go :-(((( You are such an inspiration for many people!
    I`ll be stalking your blog for sure, my friend!!!!
    Hugs ~gerry~

  3. These are so cute. You have such clever ideas! Congrats on the Websters feature!
    Sorry that you resigned your DT spot, but wI know I will continue to be inspired by your work here on your blog!

  4. Oh Jeni! These are just so gorgeous and true to your style. I love the first one about you ...you look so nice there amongst all the tea cups LOL! :o) The second one is equally gorgeous and your little girl has beautiful CRAZY hair :o)

    Now, I am so very sorry to hear you left MCS. I cannot for the life of me imagine what would bring such a nice person like you, to resign under those circumstances. But whatever it was, it must have upset you that much to feel like you cant continue on. And that's just the way it must be in order to feel ok with our selves sometimes.

    Take good care!


    p.s thanks for your lovely Mother;s Day wish- here's hoping next Mothers Day is indeed 'different' for me :o)

  5. wonderful as always. I love all the little details.
    sorry for your dt membership, although we do not know each other personally, let me share a tought with you:
    rather be hated for who I am,than loved for who I am not.


    ps thanks for the mothersday greetings.

  6. wow,wow,wow....I love your work!!
    Very beautiful!!
    Have a nice day!

  7. Jeni........ You do such an amazing work. These pages are absolutely STUNING!!!!!!!

    I love your wise words at the end of your post.
    make a great life saying!

  8. I loved these layouts when I saw them at MCS and Webster's but had to leave a comment here, too. I'll miss seeing your gorgeous work at MCS and hope you will continue to post here. I feel so sad that someone could have made such a sweet person like yourself feel bad!

  9. Oh Jen I am sooooo sad. I just went to return a message to u at MCS & u had simply vanished! I will most definately keep visiting ur blog & stay in touch. I have lost my Aussie mate :-(
    Thanx for having a look at my work when I asked u too & for the advice u gave me. I am sure that there r many great things on the horizon for u. (i still feel so sad ur gone though)

  10. Hi Jeni! Sent you an e-mail yesterday. Did you get it?

  11. HI it's me again!!!
    wanna wish you a very happy birthday!!