Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Ok so I know there's lots of you in the north thinking summer is a lifetime away. But it wasn't that long ago when the days were long, the nights were warm, school was out and camping and beach days ... I know it's sad isn't it? lol I'm such a summer devotee. Give me a summer's day every day.
Oh yes, I enjoy the autumn walks and crisp morning air and that first snow fall... but I'm over it after about a week!!!
            So here's some summer sunshine for you.

                                    CREATED FOR MANOR HOUSE CREATIONS

                                            That little bikini at the bottom makes me laugh.

The pic was taken a few years ago on the beach at Surfer's Paradise, Aus, as my two spent hours combing the beach for shells.

Such gorgeous blooms.

The pp is all from The Scrap Cake. Manor House is the Aus distributer for TSC so we get to play with their lovely products.

These adorable little houses are from Flourish With a Bling. I just love them. For those of you wondering what they're all about, on some of the foreshores in Australia we have these wooden little sheds that were build in the 1920's and 30's. They were used by families to store their summer boats and equipment.
Here's a pic of one of the beaches near where I grew up, in Melbourne. They're now protected for their historical value and everyone paints them bright colours.

Another lo? I find I don't scrap nearly as many pics of my gorgeous boy. Scrapping seems to focus so much on the pretty girlie pages. So here's one of my handsome son. Lots of flowers on his los too.

Thankful For You

This boy of mine has such a beautifully smilie face.

Flourish with a Bling's lovely Jack' Vine
Added some chipboard from Imaginarium Designs for a touch of  nautical

 Love that cute little hot air balloon
More blooms and the pp is all Webster's.
Oh the sun is just peeking through the clouds, I betta get out there. LOL
Have a great day.


  1. Oh Jeni these are so beautiful. I love all the little details and layers. The lighthouse and beach huts in the first LO are beyond cute (I love these Websters papers too). Your son is adorable and I think the flowers are perfect for this page. Summer is far and away my favourite season too :)

  2. WOW. those are just stunning. Gorgeous work, and your kids are gorgeous too! I love how close them seem, it reminds me of mine when they were younger!!! Just a beautiful memory to capture in the top photo and that gorgeous son in the second!!! Beautiful work my friend!!!

  3. The layouts are so pretty! I love those flowers. The beach huts are adorable!

  4. HI Jeni!! Holey Doley! these are stunning....... wow.. so much to look at.. beautiful blooms, love the FWAB products too.. aren't those little beach huts so cool! and thanks for the photo of the huts... well i love these.. and hey.. your son is gunna be a heart breaker... he so SOOOOO handsome!! have a great weekend..

  5. Scrappy Goodness!! OMGOSH! These are gorgeous! Love the blooms, the details are stunning!! WOW!

  6. Hi Jeni! I would trade all of our crisp days for any one sunny summers day that's for sure! The pic with the beach huts really takes me back to the south of Sweden where we also have them. Love the cute little flipflops and the clothes line. Gosh - I bet there are already many little hearts fluttering when your sun flashes one of his gorgeous smiles. I love flowers on anything and everything, sooo wish I could find the MH ones over here. Gorgeous, both of your pages are really so gorgeous! xoxox

  7. hey sweet friend Wowzers what have you made so stunning design's and so much to see on yout page's really big WOW

    hugs carla

  8. how exciting it is to come here Jenni ... I love all your stunning creations ... so much beautiful texture and colour ... exquisite .. hugz x

  9. Wow! These are just beautiful! Love both of them!

  10. These are so beautiful Jenni!!!!1
    I love all the little details and layers look fantastic!!Your son is adorable and I love those flowers they are so perfect for this page.
    You are such a very talented girl and you inspired a lot !!!I just love to came in here.
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  11. BTW - I'm your newest follower now! :D