Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moments of Reflection

Warning: This is a post of reflection. If you're feeling down it might not be a good one to stay and read.

Starting with the positive. I was thrilled to be a winner for the last challenge at Once Upon a Sketch

The girls over there are so caring and nurturing. I love the idea of a blog with a focus on journalling. We all scrap for so many reasons but journalling seems be the one part of a layout that is often neglected. Honestly I'm a big journaler. I've always had way too much to say. lol.
Unfortunately, most of my writing is on the back of my los so you rarely get to see it. There was a time when I used to write heaps on the front but as my creativity shifted so too did my written prose.

Here's the gorgeous Nadia's sketch for the new challenge.

And here's my take. "Soul Artist." 

Dusty Attic words

On angel's wings

The statue of the garden angel watching over the children was placed in our garden as a reminder of my grandma who watches over my kids. We had a little ceremony when she died and placed it among her favourite flowers.

Let me tell you about my dearest Grandma. It is the anniversary of her death and her birth around this time of year. She has been gone for three years now and I still miss her every day. Coming from a family who really doesn't get it on a creative level, she was my sole inspiration and she created from her heart. She was a gifted crafter, dressmaker and designer.
An awesome talent. She inspired me to create from the soul.

Journalling reads: She was my sole creative inspiration.
She created with her hands,
her heart and always with love.
She taught me to create with soul.

My grandma was such a dynamic, active person, sadly the last two years of her life she was a shadow of herself.
I wrote this for my children as a way to explain not long before she died. I've taken it from an old layout.

My final sad note for this post is a shocking one. My daughter's teacher died yesterday. She was 44 years old. She had been off work for the past 6 weeks due to an unrelated injury. She was due back at work and visited the kids last week. She had a stoke and died hours later. We're all so shocked and saddened by her death. Please say a few prayers for her and her family and for the beauty of all the souls gone before us.

Hug your kids just a little tighter tonight and remember just how wonderful but tenous life can be.
Thanks so much.


  1. Oh wow Jenni, I just had too come over and tell you how much I love your layout - its just stunning! I'm so glad you were a guest designer at OUAS, its just magnificent!

  2. Oh, Jeni! I think this may be the most beautiful layout you have done yet! What a loving tribute to your Grandma. The words expressed are so true! I will keep your daughter's teacher and family in my prayers. It reinforces not to take things for granted. And for you and your family treasure your wonderful memories.

  3. oh Jen.. i can feel the emotional weight you have at this time... i send you my hugs and i have just said a prayer for your daughters teacher and family.. a reminder how uncertain life is.. your layout is amazing.. it looks a labour of pure love.. truly magnificent.. i trust you will get through this time of reflection and will know a little bit more strength for the days ahead..xxlizzy

  4. soooooooooooooo amazing! and so sorry for your daugthers teacher, it is a same here at our contry too, more and more young people die, because they do not recognize they ill in the right time. it is a crazy world and people always hurry for the monney...

  5. Firstly..thanks so much for your gorgeous layout and being our Guest Designer! The meaning behind it is amazing!Your journalling from the old layout is so touching. My maternal grandmother was the same ...not exactly..but still she touched me in many ways.

    I am SO sad to hear about your daughter;s teacher. I am saddened indeed...THAT touches home since I am a teacher too. The kids will be shocked and the bond between teacher and students is incredibly strong. You are in my thoughts and I hope her soul rests in peace.

    God Bless. :o)

  6. hey Jeni WOW! this is incredible!so stunning so many amazing details and techniques!!
    have a very wonderful weekend
    hugs carla

  7. Beautiful page. I love all the detail you added without crowding the overall design. You are one of my favorite designers and I'm glad I finally found your blog. This is also a beautiful post- brave and true. Thank you.

  8. Wow Jen, that layout is stunning and sooo beautiful and heart felt!

    And soo sad about your daughters teacher, Leonii went through something similar with her year 5 teacher, she passed from cancer at the end of that year. It is so sad but kids can be quiet amazing and surprise you with their strength! Love and prayers to you all!
    M x

  9. Oh Jenni, I could look at your page and read your post over and over again. I don't think I have ever seen the likes of your layout, so complete in every way and with so much love and attention to the smallest delicate detail gone into creating it. The statue of the angel and the thought behind it are so so precious, how your grandmother must be smiling when she watches over all of you. xoxoxox

  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I´m so impressed!!! this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  11. Wow..I'm just in awe of this lo! Your work is always so inspiring on so many levels. A wonderful tribute to your Grandmother. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughters teacher. We will be praying for the family and for your daughter that everyone gets thru this.

  12. Jen, this is just gorgeous!!! All the details close-up are just fantastic, I somehow lost track of you and I'm so glad I found you again, your work is inspiring and I love your blog!!!!!!

  13. huh... How come I missed this layout?? I totally love this page. So much to see and such an awesome dimension on it. I always love to study your work. Beautiful details hon.